As part of GoerTek Inc., Goertek Europe R&D was founded in April of 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark has been chosen due to its broad history in audio and acoustic products, world-leading education and research universities in audio acoustics. We are dedicated to research in the field of electro-acoustic technology, new cutting-edge technology and product development. Today we have 30 engineers based in two sites in Denmark, 20 persons in Copenhagen, and 10 persons in Aalborg.           

Our ambition is to develop technologies that will make audio products work better; technologies that will enable them to be smaller and more portable. That will make audio products louder, without being heavier or uglier; to make audio products sound natural and more enjoyable. 

Sound is essential for speech communication whether in making a phone call or joining a videoconference. We want the sound to be as natural and effortless as it is when you are present physically with another person.