AM3D has grown with each new experience, innovation and opportunity. The body of the work at each stage established are represented in the foundational building blocks of the AM3D software suite of today.

AM3D´s core, accumulate the acquired wisdom stemming even further back than 2003 where AM3D was formally founded. As early as between end 80’s and 1991 research in Binaural Technology was initiated at Aalborg University, that among other things lead to an unsurpassed investigation of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) and their properties ending up in a “world” patent is filed of the techniques developed in 1995.

AM3D keeps creating sustainable impact and influence and contribute to growth, and in 1997 the development of a 3D audio processing engine is initiated.

2003: AM3D A/S is formally established and takes over all patent rights. Between 2006 and 2010 Local sales representation in Korea, Japan and Taiwan was established.

In January 2016 Goertek acquired AM3D and the AM3D team is fully integrated into Goertek Europe. The team continues to develop on the AM3D software, which consists of two software platforms:

  • 3D Audio (Object based positional audio)
  • Audio Enhancement (Currently the 7th generation)

Since 2017 the team has been focusing on delivering an audio enhancement solution for Goertek and external customers. 



ZIRENE SOUND = Full audio enhancement package for stereo headphones and loudspeakers


  • Content Enhancement - Optimize content to make it suitable for being playback on the device e.g. mobile phone, headset or portable loudspeaker

  • Virtual Surround Sound - Generate an immersive surround sound effect on stereo headphones and loudspeakers

  • Playback Optimization - Compensates for limited acoustic playback capabilities of headphones and loudspeakers