At Goertek Europe, we are implementing innovative and advanced simulations to push the boundaries of acoustics and driver design for audio products. The methods include both Finite Element simulations and Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations to allow for faster and more precise results.

The finite and boundary element methods have been accessible engineering tools for in excess of three decades, yet remain far away from replacing physical experimentation. As computational resource limitations have faded, the limitations in the formulation of the basic modelling method have come into view. At Goertek Europe we are studying new developments in modelling fluid dynamics and large signal levels in small cavities to give a better understanding of the operation and optimal design of acoustic systems.

Ergonomic studies can also be simulated e.g. to test how an earphone fits to the geometry of a human ear/head. Furthermore, the acoustics of an earphone or similar product can be simulated on the human anatomy to give a result closest to a real life situation.