The demand for small, slim and portable audio devices with high acoustics performance dictates product designs today. Devices are used in noisy environments making two-way communication and even audio playback an engineering challenge.

The sound picked up by the microphone must provide noise free and clear speech for communication or speech recognition services. The sound produced by the device must be loud and clear with punchy bass to provide a great user experience during music and movie playback.

This demand challenges the acoustics designers, as the needed physical conditions for optimum acoustics are not present in these devices. Fortunately, the rise of very powerful DSPs and microprocessors aid to overcome this problem as complex digital audio signal processing algorithms can be realized in these devices.

Goertek Europe is developing audio DSP algorithms to improve the user experience in smartphones, tablets, soundbars, VR devices, headphones, portable loudspeakers and other devices in which audio is an essential part.

We strive to deliver algorithms, which improves the sound quality of the device significantly, while avoiding large cost increase or even reducing the cost.