AM3D SOFTWARE SUITE - Art of Technology


The AM3D software suite contains of a collection of audio processing software to create audio enhancement and spatial effects, for loudspeakers, headphones, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, Bluetooth devices and automotive systems and true 3D audio for improving game development and the gaming experience.

The AM3D world-class audio processing software powers millions of devices systems across the world, improving the existing hardware. We hold several patents on audio enhancement and 3D audio technologies.

AM3D is purely software-based and is easily integrated into existing software platforms.

The AM3D product suite add value within 4 different areas:

  • Content Enhancement
  • Spatial Effects
  • Playback Optimization
  • 3D positional audio


ZIRENE® 3D includes:

  • Sources and listener: The location and orientation is set for all sources and the listener. For each sound source the direc-tivity and distance attenuation can be specified, and play controls are available.
  • Effects: Reverberation for room simulation, and Virtualizer for music enhancement. Obstruction, occlusion, doppler, pitch and chorus for realistic gaming.
  • Playback: Support for playback through headphones and narrow-spaced stereo loudspeakers.


ZIRENE® SOUND consists of audio processing modules for microspeakers, loudspeakers and headphones. The features can be used separately or in combination:

  • Virtual Surround Sound (mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1)
  • Voice enhancement
  • Level alignment
  • Standard equalisers
  • Transducer equalisation
  • Bass and treble enhancement
  • High-pass filter
  • Dynamic range compressor
  • Multiband compressor
  • Output limiter


The AM3D’s core technology originates from research initiated in the late 1980s at Aalborg University to confirm the theory behind 3D audio reproduction. The result of measurements of HRTFs on 40 human subjects was published in 1995 followed by several articles on this topic. The same year, a patent, "Binaural synthesis, head-related transfer functions, and uses thereof" was issued and all commercial rights were later transferred to AM3D, which in 2016 was acquired by Goertek Inc.