AM3D AUDIO ENHANCEMENT is a HD quality audio enhancement software that significantly improves the output sound quality of audio playback devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, soundbars, Head Mounted Displays, headphones and other kinds of devices in which audio is an essential part of the user experience. 

The AM3D AUDIO ENHANCEMENT is purely software-based and easily integrated into a device.


The Virtual Surround Sound feature uses binaural technology to create virtual sound sources, which simulates the intended loudspeaker set-ups needed for optimum playback.


The 3D SURROUNDTM feature is real 3D object oriented virtual surround sound for headphone playback. It incorporates a full binaural synthesis based on AM3D’s state-of-art HRTFs for true life-like perception. 

3D SURROUNDTM creates a natural sound on headphones when playing music and movie content. HD audio quality surround is obtained for mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 input content. 

Game - Hear and swiftly locate your enemy and take appropriate action. Perceiving sound from all directions provides situational awareness in the game. Clear and natural game sound with enhanced effects providing an intense gaming experience.

Music - Music lovers can listen to HD quality music with “real loudspeaker” playback. A natural listening environment is created using high density reverberation algorithm being configurable to listener’s preference. Even with stereo music a natural diffused sound field surrounding the listner is achived, while creating a sound stage placing the vocal in the center and instruments panned to their natural position.

Movie - Movie fanatics can watch a movie with immersive cinema sound and enhanced movie effects creating a sensation of presence.

For mere details on the many features and benefits of AM3D AUDIO ENHANCEMENT feel free to download Product Briefs.


AM3D CAR is a world-class digital signal processing solution capable of enhancing the audio in in-car entertainment systems. The solution is purely software based and can be integrated in embedded platforms like Android, Linux and Windows, and is also portable to dedicated hard-ware platforms like NXP chipsets.

AM3D CAR offers maximum effect on normal loudspeakers with:

  • Powerful sound even with a few number of physical speakers
  • Intense and deep bass without a physical sub-woofer
  • Clear and crisp treble even with absence of tweeters
  • Optimum listener conditions and natural sound stage with sweet spot optimistion
  • Immersive sound via surround sound


  • Channel separation engine for e.g. communication devices