AM3D SPATIAL AUDIO - 3D Positional Audio

AM3D SPATIAL AUDIO provides perfect 3D audio by positioning and separating an unlimited number of static and dynamic sound sources to create a true and natural 3D sound universe. The solution is purely software-based and is easily integrated into existing software platforms.

Use the AM3D SPATIAL AUDIO to create amazing 3D positional audio in a Unity application. The unique AM3D SPATIAL AUDIO delivers accurate and natural 3D audio and moves sound objects smoothly. Creates an astonishing sensation of presence and immersive sound field using headphones.  

The high-quality HRTF renderer produces natural 3D audio with smooth and artifact free transitions of dynamic sources - even at fast movements. To get the full natural 3D audio experience, high-quality reverberation is added to simulate different acoustic environments. Virtualizer is applied for background music to achieve optimum sound quality. AM3D SPATIAL AUDIO gives an impressive spaciousness which lifts the overall experience to a new level.


AM3D SPATIAL AUDIO takes the audio experience into a new dimension with a highly sophisticated software engine capable of rendering 3D audio with multiple sound sources on resource constrained devices.

The engine is based on binaural synthesis using head-related transfer functions (HRTF) and has unsurpassed 3D audio quality based on AM3D's research and patented technology.

  • Spatializer plug-in for Unity
  • Easily applied to audio sources for 3D rendering
  • 3D audio rendering engine for integration into game development tools
  • Provide real-time accurate positioning of sound sources in a 3D audio space
  • High quality rendering with smooth transitions between positions and no artifacts even at high velocity movements
  • Implemented in floating point for compliance with game development tools
  • Very low CPU consumption
  • “Spatializer” plug-in for Unity available and supporting Android, Windows, MacOS and Ios