The capability of microprocessors enables the audio system designer to add nearly any and every textbook signal processing algorithm at today’s speaker systems. In order to achieve the best audio performance and make effective use of R&D resources, this processing is best done with algorithms modelling the actual physics of loudspeaker systems.

Over the past two decades, Goertek has developed a deep and broad understanding of loudspeaker behaviour in its worldwide R&D laboratories and from having manufactured over 5 billion drivers. Goertek Europe is leveraging this deep and broad understanding of loudspeaker behaviour to develop software control algorithms that can maximise loudspeaker performance

The loudspeaker-room interaction problem, one only partially addressed by half-a-century of industry efforts and perfecting stereophonic loudspeaker reproduction, has again been thrown open by the recent increase in popularity of wireless, portable speakers. Goertek Europe is studying solutions to finally delivering on the original stereophonic promise in these new, more ubiquitous and user-friendly speaker systems.